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I am looking for some transcriptions of the Italian favorite, "Dominick the Donkey". I have tried many options on this site and I am unable to find anything about this popular song. Would be nice to have an accordion arrangement of the song.
dorigat a publié une discussion
Everytime I come into the site, it starts at the latest, which isn't so takes FOREVER for it to go load anything beyond that. When I scroll to the bottom of the visible page, it hangs there for minutes...and sometimes never does move onwards.
It didn't use to be this way on the old version.
dorigat a publié une discussion
I am looking for the accordion sheet music for "Dansende Vingers / Tanzende Fingers, but I am unable to find the score anywhere I've looked. 
I can listen to the greats play the song, but no sheet music?
Anyone here have it?

Je Cherhe la musique pour "Dansende Vingers/Tansende Fingers.  J'ésperais de la trouver ici. 
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