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Sorry that the title has been automatically changed from Moto to motorcycle. I can't now correct it.
Hi Jon4209, it's KPC from admin. It displays Moto on website. Should it be motorcycle ?
No. I typed Moto but when I saw it ion the site it had been changed to Motorcycle. Incidentally, how do I add details of the arranger? I thought I had typed in that Gigi Stok had arranged the piece.
Maybe it's Cindou who edited the title. I added Gigi stock for you :)
You can add it with artists when you're publishing, but you can't edit a score yourself to provide double corrections for administration. Just hit me up on or on that account with a private message, i will edit it for you.
If you did specify Gigi Stok, but it didn't display when published, maybe it's because you didn't validate the "arrangement Gigi Stok" with Entry. If artist isn't already created in database, you need to validate with entry so it can be add to the data base
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